Why it is a good idea to have an I Ching or a Chinese astrology reading with me?

Oh, the confusion of navigating life in the modern society! The scientific, technocratic, materialistic milieu promises multiple pathways to success, happiness and well-being, yet it does not honour the human need for cosmic connection and support, for love and for a deep meaning and purpose in life. Most of us spend our waking hours trying to control events in our life—only to end the day feeling overworked, overwhelmed and dissatisfied.

Hello, my name is Serina, and I welcome you to my website. Let me explain why having an I Ching or a Chinese astrology reading with me can help change your life for the better.


I Ching readings

The I Ching or Book of Changes is the fountainhead of Chinese thought and has been used for divination by the Chinese since ancient time. I use the Zhuge version of the I Ching for my readings. This is a version popular amongst the Chinese and consists of 384 divination poems. I Ching divination aims not so much to foretell events as to enhance clarity and foresight by shedding light on the drift of things, on the opportune time to make a bold move or carry out a new plan, and on important factors, both obvious and subtle, that our conscious mind, for whatever reason, fails to register. An I Ching reading with me is ideal if you need answers to specific questions prior to making important decisions in the immediate time frame. We do not have control over many events in our lives, but with the help of the I Ching, we can attain enough clarity of the situation at hand to make wise investments of time and effort and to influence the outcome of an event. If you’re curious about having an I Ching reading with me, read more.


Chinese astrology readings

The Chinese astrology system I use is based on the five-element and yin-yang theory foundational to the I Ching. Your Chinese astrology chart reveals the basic blueprint for your life on this planet—the purpose of your life; your innate nature, spiritual connection, strengths and weaknesses; the kind of work that enlivens you and holds deep meaning for you; the dynamics of key relationships in your life; potential ways to transform relationships that oppress you, and to build new relationships that support you; money and other resources you attract; major obstacles you have to overcome, key lessons to learn, and rectifications to make. Insight into your basic blueprint sheds light on the tone of your life journey, and a further study of your fortune cycles informs major choices ahead. Choices, I did say, for fate exists, but we are beings with free will. As the saying goes, the cards are dealt, but how we play our hands is entirely up to us.

Chinese astrology shows the cards you’ve been dealt. You can learn more about Chinese astrology here. If you’re curious about having a Chinese astrology reading with me, read more.


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