About Serina

Firefly is the literal translation of my Chinese name, and I go by my middle name Serina.


I grew up in Hong Kong and have lived most of my life in America and Australia. Adelaide has been home since early 1990. I have a business/financial as well as an academic background. My first university degree (from San Jose State University in California) was in accounting, with a minor in psychology, and I hold a PhD in Chinese thought from the University of Adelaide and have published a book in the field. I Ching divination and Chinese astrology has been my obsession for more than 25 years, and I used to give Chinese astrology and I Ching readings at Orange Lane Market and from my home prior to returning to university for my postgraduate studies.

I’m mostly healed, whole, happy, analytical as well as intuitive. Now retired from employment, I love doing Chinese astrology and I Ching readings—it is my way of serving the world. I believe I Ching divination and Chinese astrology can help enormously in expanding our innate power of self-care and self-transformation; and when we transform ourselves, we transform the world.


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